Attitude of a Champion

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Good Athletes Train Their Bodies. Great Athletes Train Their Minds!

Sharpen Your Mental Game!

Mindset Training For Athletic Performance

As you know, the difference between victory or defeat is often found in the mental game. 

Good athletes train their bodies. Great athletes also train their minds! 

The good news is that you can achieve the mental edge with the use of five simple tools.

Mental Log Keeping

Thinking positively about your last event/match/game. Act like a champion in your body language and attitude.

Goal Keeping

Short and long term written goals are a must.

Positive Self-Talk or Affirmations

Stop the negative thoughts and replace with “I am powerful!” Do this for the next 4 weeks. 

Relaxation Techniques

Increases the minds acceptance to suggestion.

Visualization or Mental Rehearsal

Visually imagine your perfect performance; this is a blueprint of what you will execute.

Good Athletes Train Their Bodies. Great Athletes Also Train Their Minds.

Winners set the stage for winning in everything they do, feel, think and believe. Of course, they’ve put in the hours of training but they have something else. A winner’s attitude! Believing you can win, believing you are the champion and you deserve success will produce the results!

Mark at New Pathways Hypnotherapy helps athletes get the confidence of a champion. Mark not only works with athletes for peak performance, mental toughness and confidence, he also works to improve focus and pre-competition nervousness, remove mental blocks, regain confidence after an injury, increase motivation, regain the joy of the sport, compete like you practice, and negative thought-stopping.Many professional athletes use hypnotherapy to improve performance.

Visualization is often used to imagine the desired result. For instance,a baseball player will visualize the perfect swing, seeing all of his muscles, each minor movement and adjustment as the bat hits the ball. By visualizing repeatedly these perfect movements, the body will be able to accomplish just that during competition. Self-statements and self-hypnosis cement the goals and desired results in the mind of the athlete and therefore, become unconscious actions during competition or games.

Hypnotherapy can also help improve focus and concentration and relieve the stress of competition and pressure of performance.

Remain positive when facing tough cirucmstances

Have the mental edge over their competition

Keep controlled focus

Bounce back after injury or failure

Gain control over their thoughts