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Hypnotherapy – Boosting Your Confidence Toward Hope and New Achievement

How many opportunities have you missed because you lacked the confidence to believe in yourself and assert yourself? Does a lack of confidence and self-trust hold you back from what you know you can achieve?  

If you want to free yourself from the chains of self-doubt, low self-esteem, feeling unworthy, or feeling you’re not good enough, hypnotherapy is a proven way to change those thoughts and behaviors holding you back from success personal success achievement. 

Hypnotherapy is a safe and drug-free way to get rid of those obstructive hidden beliefs about yourself and the behavior patterns that cause low self-esteem. You’ll believe in yourself and your abilities and capabilities.   You can make more sales calls, get that raise or promotion, make that presentation, stand up for yourself, attract a mate, etc. When you trust in yourself and believe in yourself, you achieve more in your personal and professional life. 

Causes Low Self-Confidence

From an early age, our culture and media flood you with content, messages, and images that reinforce the ideas that you’re not good enough or don’t measure up to conventional standards.

Physical appearance, social standing, money, and clothing are just a few measures society measures a person’s self-worth.

But that is just a deception society has fostered in us that creates self-deception. Those things don’t bring enduring happiness, self-trust, inner strength, or self-esteem. They harm your mental health. You can break free from that self-deception with the help of hypnotherapy. 

What Is Your Inner Critic Telling You? 

Everyone has an inner critic. You know, that voice inside your head that tells you things like:


Even though many of my clients ask me to eliminate these types of thoughts from their minds, nobody can get rid of these types of thoughts. They are hard-wired in as a means of self-protection. 

Have you ever caught your mind drifting off into a self-imposed trance of self-doubt? One negative thought leads to another and then to another, and before long, feelings of dread, uselessness, and hopelessness drape over you. 

So, If everybody has these thoughts, how do self-confident, assertive people get past their inner critics?

The problem is not your inner critic. The problem is that your reaction to those negative thoughts runs on autopilot.

Question Your Negative Thoughts

Every day you have thousands of thoughts about yourself. Unfortunately, most of those thoughts are negative. However, those negative thoughts are not the truth. One job of your unconscious is to protect you and keep you safe. So those negative thoughts are your unconscious’s way of keeping you safe, safe from doing something that might lead to failure and bad feelings. 

 When a negative thought about yourself or your abilities enters your mind, ask yourself – how is that thought protecting me? By questioning that thought, you allow other more positive thoughts to have their say as well. 

 For lasting transformation, you need to tap into your vast unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for those unhelpful, limiting, and automatic beliefs getting in your way of change. By tapping into your unconscious mind, you can change your view of yourself and your problem. 

You Can Become More Confident

If other people said the things to you that you say and think about yourselves, you would not allow it. It’s time to support yourself as you would your best friend. Hypnotherapy can help you focus on your many great attributes and qualities rather than automatically believing your inner critic. 

As you discover and focus on your positive qualities, skills, and attributes, your self-confidence and self-trust will develop and grow.

How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious mind to help you challenge those “I’m not good enough” thoughts and end that behavior pattern that has stopped you from achieving what you want and deserve. 

Those intrusive thoughts no longer pose a barrier to what you want to achieve with hypnotherapy. They are no longer your default mode. You will experience personal and professional breakthroughs you’ve wanted to achieve.  You’ll be more successful in your actions because you’ll be more sure of yourself and your abilities. 

What To Expect

Expect Results. My comprehensive program includes four, one-on-one one-hour hypnotherapy sessions that are personalized to your situation, teaching you self-empowering techniques, self-hypnosis audios for you to keep and listen to between sessions and afterward, curated videos, and more. Most of my client’s experience results after their first session. 

Free eBook

I’ve written an eBook called How To Reframe Self-Critical Thoughts And Boost Your Self-Esteem. If filled with valuable tips to help you do what the title says. To get your free copy, click here.

What To Do Next

If you think hypnotherapy might suit you and your situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to schedule a free, 15-30-minute non-judgmental focus session. Please call me at (928) 600-4980, email me at, or fill out and send the contact form

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