Hypnotherapy – A Proven Anger Management Technique For New Hope

Anger issues have many names: flying off the handle, road rage, work rage, ticked off for no good reason, mad all the time, and more.   

Becoming angry out-of-proportion to the situation is a way of dealing with: 

  • fears 
  • self-doubt 
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • regrets
  • feeling stuck
  • not being happy
  • feelings of injustice 
  • jealousy
  • other emotional values and triggers 

For lasting transformation, you need to tap into your vast unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for those unhelpful, limiting, and automatic beliefs that have been getting in your way of change.  By tapping into your unconscious mind and changing how you view yourself and your problem, hypnotherapy can help you end that cycle of devastating behavior. 

Anger is not the real problem

Anger is just a symptom of an underlying, unresolved issue or issues that have been swept under the rug. 

Over time, responding with out-of-proportion anger becomes a habit – the automatic go-to response to deal with a situation. 

Anger affects

Anger affects a person any number of ways.  They include, but not limited, to: 

  • increased blood pressure
  • increased anxiety 
  • headaches and migraines 
  • becoming physically abusive 
  • substance abuse  

These can lead to health problems and concerns, relationship problems, employment problems, and, potentially, legal problems. 

How hypnotherapy helps

Hypnotherapy helps by tapping into your unconscious mind to help you to express anger appropriately.   No longer will out-of-proportion anger and rages be your default response to a situation.  You will be in control of how you respond, not your feelings.  You will get off autopilot. 

What to expect

Expect results because hypnotherapy works.  The vast majority of my clients experience results after their first session.  My comprehensive program includes four one-on-one one-hour hypnotherapy sessions personalized to your situation, teaching you self-empowering techniques, self-hypnosis audios to keep and listen to between sessions and afterward, curated videos, and more. 

What to do next

If you think hypnotherapy might suit you and your situation, please contact me to schedule a free, 15-30 minute non-judgmental focus session.  Please call me at (928)-600-4980, email me at mvdessauer@gmail.com, or fill out and send the contact form