Hypnotherapy – For A Powerful and Easy Way To Losing Weight​

Are you fed up with struggling with your weight? Do those extra pounds make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable? Has your self-esteem and body image suffered because of those excess pounds? 

If you’re serious about losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling better about yourself, hypnotherapy can help.

I’m sure you’ve tried to shed those excess pounds. Maybe you’ve tried many times using a variety of methods. Although you’ve tried to consciously change what you eat, what you drink, when you eat, and how often you eat or exercise to lose weight, there is one thing you haven’t changed – your unconscious mindset. 

Break The Failure Cycle

Your current eating patterns and behaviors are based on many elements: your family history, past experiences, habits, exposures, and other things. They are deeply rooted in your conscious and unconscious.  

As you know, halfhearted weight loss attempts don’t bring halfhearted results – they get failure.  If breaking that cycle of struggle and failure sounds good, consider joining the tens of thousands who have had success with hypnosis to drop those unneeded pounds and keep them off.

For lasting transformation, you need to tap into your vast unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for those unhelpful, limiting, and automatic beliefs getting in your way of change. By tapping into your unconscious mind, you can change your view of yourself and your problem. 

Control Emotional Eating

You see, managing your weight has more to do with your mind rather than your mouth. Your lack of weight loss has nothing to do with a lack of willpower. Even though willpower can be a valuable resource, it is limited. Once you get tired, emotional, or frustrated, your willpower often falls to the wayside. And that is when you give in to emotional eating or your desire and compulsions.  

A different mindset, a different perspective, allows you never again to be a victim of mindless emotional eating, thoughtless cravings, and self-sabotage, so you find a new pathway in losing weight. 

Supersize Your Resilience 

People fail to lose the weight they want or gain weight because, generally speaking, they overestimate how hungry they actually are and underestimate how much they eat in calories. That’s one reason why establishing a new relationship with food will help manage your weight.  

A mindset that gives you a new relationship with food where you call the shots rather than your cravings, stress, or compulsions. Since about 95% of weight loss is due to what you eat, what you don’t eat, and when you eat, it’s essential to have that new relationship with food.

The Hidden Enemy

One hidden enemy of weight loss is deep-rooted physical, emotional, and mental traumas from the past, often forgotten about consciously but remaining in your unconscious and cellular memory.  Also, it’s expected that low self-confidence, unending stress, anxieties, and insecurities inhibit efforts to shed that extra weight. As a trained and certified hypnotherapist, Mark removes those barriers to make your weight loss efforts much more effective without feeling like you’re constantly struggling with yourself.

Take a moment for right now and imagine what you look like and how you feel about yourself at a healthy weight. 

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How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious mind to help you challenge those “I’m not good enough” thoughts and end that behavior pattern that has stopped you from achieving what you want and deserve. 

Those intrusive thoughts no longer hinder what you want to achieve with hypnotherapy. They are no longer your default mode. You will experience personal and professional breakthroughs you’ve wanted to achieve.  You’ll be more successful in your actions because you’ll be self-assured in yourself and your abilities. 

What To Expect

Expect results because hypnotherapy works. Most of my client’s experience results after their first hypnotherapy session. My comprehensive program includes four one-on-one one-hour hypnotherapy sessions personalized to your situation, teaching you self-empowering techniques, self-hypnosis audios to keep and listen to between sessions and afterward, curated videos, etc.

During your customized four-session program, the following weight management issues and elements are addressed to give you the mindset to realize the vision you have for yourself:  

  • Stress Eating 
  • Body Confidence 
  • Cravings 
  • Getting Rid Of Past Trauma 
  • Positive Self-Talk 
  • Visualization
  • Eliminate Food Triggers 
  • Improving Your Relationship With Food 
  • Self-Sabotage


What to do next

I know you might have questions or concerns about hypnotherapy and whether it is right for you.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain the process in a no-obligation 15-30 minute private phone consultation.  It’s free and confidential.  The next step is to fill out the contact form below so we can schedule a mutually convenient time to talk.

Disclaimer – Since everyone is different and has different goals, results will vary from person to person.