Hypnotherapy – Providing Proven Positive Ways To Overcome Fears and Phobias

Most people have some fear. These minor fears are just apprehension or trepidation about something, such as spiders, snakes, going to the dentist, speaking in public, getting a shot, traffic, elevators, engaging in conflict, authority figures, the list goes and on.   

These fears are common and don’t interfere with a person’s day-to-day life. Although they might experience an increased heart rate, they can handle their apprehension calmly and without much fuss.  

Conversely, fears can grow to where they do restrict a person’s daily life. They can make life depressing. For example, a bridge fear. A person who goes out of their way to avoid driving over a bridge. If they have to cross a bridge, they can do it, but are very nervous about it – their heart races, they sweat, and they breathe hard. If they have to cross a bridge, they can have a full-on panic attack. And if that fear becomes intense and severe, it develops into a phobia. 

A phobia is a severely irrational fear of something that does not pose any real threat. Just thinking about that thing you’re deathly afraid of causes physical symptoms. And when exposed to that thing, overwhelming feelings of anxiety can cause you to shut down essentially.   

For lasting transformation, you need to tap into your vast unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for those unhelpful, limiting, and automatic beliefs getting in your way of change. By tapping into your unconscious mind and changing how you view yourself and your problem, hypnotherapy can help you end that cycle of behavior. 

How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy helps by tapping into your unconscious mind to help you access the resources you already have, not to make those fears and phobias a part of who you are. They will be in your past.   No longer will those triggers cause an automatic response. You will be in control of how you respond, not your fears. You will get off autopilot. 

What To Expect

Expect Results. The vast majority of my clients experience results after their first session. My comprehensive program includes four one-on-one one-hour hypnotherapy sessions personalized to your situation, teaching you self-empowering techniques, self-hypnosis audios to keep and listen to between sessions and afterward, curated videos, and more. 

What To Do Next

If you think hypnotherapy might suit you and your situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to schedule a free, 15-30 minute non-judgmental focus session. Please call me at (928)-600-4980, email me at mvdessauer@gmail.com, or fill out and send the contact form